Mugavin Contracting Pty Ltd


Mugavin Contracting Pty Ltd is a leading Darwin civil earthworks and drainage contractor. Established more than 13 years ago, our local directors and operators have extensive industry experience and knowledge of the Northern Territory. Our collective experience and network of tradespeople allows us to provide a comprehensive range of services.

During our years of operation, Mugavin Contracting have delivered on quality, budget and deadline for our clients. We regularly work with local government and councils, as well as developers and residential customers. The strength of our business lies in our ability to meet project specifications without compromising on quality workmanship or safety.

We provide a multi-faceted approach to large-scale projects, particularly subdivision work. Our modern plant delivers commercially sound outcomes, from drainage and stormwater preparation to roadworks in urban or rural areas.

Mugavin Contracting have skilled plant operators and road supervisors to assist with Darwin civil works. Let us assist you in building the foundations for future generations of Territorians.

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Accreditations include:

Contractor Accredited Limited (CAL) in categories of:

Contractor Accreditation Ltd (CAL) is a non-profit company established by the NT Chamber of Commerce, the Master Builders Association NT and the NT Small Business Association to manage a scheme of self regulation for the building and construction industry.
Category Group Sub Group Rating
BUILDING Commercial/industrial Basic New Work $3 Million
CIVIL WORKS Earthworks & Pavements Aerodromes $500,000
CIVIL WORKS Earthworks & Pavements Bulk Earthworks $2Million
CIVIL WORKS Earthworks & Pavements Rural Sealed Roads $1 Million
CIVIL WORKS Earthworks & Pavements Stabilisation $500,000
CIVIL WORKS Earthworks & Pavements Unsealed Roads $2Million
CIVIL WORKS Earthworks & Pavements Urban Roads $1Million
CIVIL WORKS Hydraulics Water & Sewer Mains $5Million
TRADES & RELATED SERVICES Electrical Transmission & Distribution Systems - Infrastructure $1Million
TRADES & RELATED SERVICES Hydraulics Bore Water & Sewage Systems $3Million
TRADES & RELATED SERVICES Hydraulics Water & Sewer Mains - Construct/Upgrade/Repair $5Million
Power & Water Hydraulic Contractor - Accredited

All new developments from the 1st July 2014 will be required to engage accredited designers, constructors and certifiers

Civil Contractor Federation NT (CCFNT)

CCF members are responsible for the construction and maintenance of Australia's infrastructure, including roads, bridges, pipelines, drainage, ports and utilities. Members also play a vital role in the residential and commercial building construction industry by providing earthmoving and land development services including the provision of power, water, communications and gas.