Mugavin Contracting Pty Ltd


Mugavin Contracting apply extensive knowledge and local experience to all Darwin earthworks projects. We aim to successfully complete all Northern Territory excavation and civil works with minimal impact to surrounding communities, while meeting estimated completion dates. With our extensive fleet of modern equipment and skilled operators, Mugavin Contracting can complete your project in line with specifications.

To discuss your requirements with us personally, please arrange a consultation.

Darwin Civil Earthworks & Excavation

Mugavin Contracting have the resources to provide a wide range of Darwin excavation and civil earthworks. We work across a number of different sectors, including state and local government, industrial and residential projects. As we directly manage the labour, plant and specialist trades, we deliver value and successful outcomes.

Our range of excavation and earthworks services can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of your project. We have road supervisors qualified in traffic management for all road construction work, as well as water trucks for hire.

Available for contract work throughout urban and rural Darwin, we welcome your enquiries.



Supply, excavate, lay, joint & backfill below ground infrastructure such as:

  • Potable water main pipes & structures
  • Sewer pipes & structures
  • Stormwater pipes & structures
  • DICL, RCP, RCBC, A/C, PVC, HDPE, GRP and/or MSCL pipe laid to grade


  • Site preparation:
    • Clear vegetation/topsoil
    • Building pads
    • Strip footings
  • Bulk excavation:
    • Site clearing
    • Cut & fill
    • Filling
    • Boxing out &/or shoring box construction available
  • Detailed excavation:
    • Footings
    • Building pads
    • Concrete structures
    • Service trenches
    • Compaction:
      • Trench incl;
        • Foundation layer
        • Embedment layer
        • Backfill layer/s
      • Sub-base & base layer for asphalt/sealing (road) works
      • Under slabs on ground &/or structures

Installation & alterations to new & existing caged drop structures


Stone pitching


Rock breaking


Dewatering of trenches, pits & below ground access chambers


Erosion control



  • Water
  • Sewage
  • Stormwater

Demolition & removal of:

  • Unreinforced & reinforced concrete ground slabs/footpaths incl. saw-cutting of objects to 250mm depth
  • Existing headwalls/RCP pipe/RC box culverts
  • Asphalt surfaces
  • Water, stormwater & sewage mains & reticulation piped systems
  • Fencing

Alterations to existing:

  • Stormwater entry pits (SEP's)
  • Sewage access chambers
  • Water, stormwater & sewage mains & reticulation
  • Excavation: bulk & detailed
  • Residential & industrial driveways

Concrete works:

  • Build in-situ or placement of precast concrete headwalls
  • Residential & industrial driveways
  • Un-reinforced & reinforced slabs/pathways on ground
  • Placement of reinforced box culverts
  • Kerbing
  • Placement of formwork & structural steel reinforcement

Cleaning & remediation to:

  • Open unlined drains
  • Reinforced box culverts (RCBC's)
  • Reshape batters to stormwater drains
  • Removal of built up silt in stormwater drains

Transportation of mobile plant, demolished materials and/or structures including wet hire of mobile plant & machinery. Machinery available which includes:

  • 2x 10,000Lwater cart
  • 1x 8T, 1x 20T & 1x 30T excavator
  • 2x IT loaders
  • 1x Hino 3m tray truck
  • 1x Hino 4.5m tray truck
  • 1x Hino 10T dump truck
  • 2x John Deere backhoes
  • 1x Mustang 1.5T trencher
  • 1x Mack truck c/w float trailer
  • 3x Toyota utes